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When seeking inspiration for our name, we came across the works of the Chinese Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi. His poetry emits a distinct emotion, painting vivid scenes of brewing tea by a mountain spring while embodying a love for life and the essence of sharing.







"Brewing tea by the mountain spring,
Sitting, pouring the clear, murmuring water.
Watching as the tea leaves swirl and dance,
Unable to hold a cup myself.
Sending it to the tea lovers."

The imagery in this poem expresses the poet's appreciation for the beauty in life, sharing this sentiment with those who also hold a deep affection for tea. It encapsulates a pure love and spirit of sharing, devoid of explanations, simply sharing this emotion with tea enthusiasts.

This ethos of sharing profoundly resonated with us. Hence, we integrated nearly 3000 years of knowledge and passion for herbal remedies into our mission. Our aspiration is to share this valuable wealth not only to promote wellness but also to pass on this adoration for nature's beauty to everyone.

We firmly believe that sharing is a beautiful act. It not only elevates us as individuals but also aids others in finding balance and self-care in their daily lives. Our goal is to connect people with nature, fostering inner tranquility and happiness in a healthy, natural, and beautiful environment.

We don't just share knowledge and experiences; we share emotions and passion. We aim to share this beauty and emotion in our way, assisting others to embrace health, happiness, and the beauty of nature in their lives. Our endeavors are dedicated to creating a community that shares, cares, and grows together, crafting a world that is healthy, natural, and beautiful, enabling everyone to draw joy, happiness, and fulfillment from it."

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