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Welcome to the world of JuYi

We are committed to improving people's health through 100% natural herbal therapy and passing on the love for the beauty of nature to everyone.We believe that our tea therapy can help you enhance your health. Our mission is to promote a healthy and happy life by sharing our knowledge and passion for the power of herbs with the world.

Making Chinese herbal supplements the go-to treatment method for non-emergency illness or conditions.

Best Sellers

There is no better remedy than all-natural tea therapy.Every teabag is filled to the brim, and we use whole herbs instead of grinded herbs so that our herbs remain highly visible. No more worries if you know what you are drinking into your body!


About Us tea

Why is our tea different from other teas?

Juyi tea therapy is a purely natural herbal therapy. We only use the best herbs to achieve the best results.

No preservatives
No additives
Does not contain tea leaves

Tea therapy consists of 3-5 different herbs that have mild health benefits. We go through a careful selection process to select the most suitable combination of herbs for each treatment. This is to ensure that the individual effects of each herb complement each other and when combined together they provide synergistic and gentle healing effects. Our tea remedies have mild therapeutic properties, making them an ideal natural health supplement for daily consumption. So, enjoy our tea.


The best gift for your loved 

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